The Spiritual Tradition of Yoga From Past to Present

yoga-get-fitWelcome to U Yoga NYC! Our mission is to help you transform and uplift your quality of life and health with the practice of invigorating yoga and Pilates. We believe in offering you a comfortable and accessible space with individualized attention and service. Our environment is designed to assist you with leaving the noise and pressures of the day outside the studio.

When you become aware of breath and the feeling of yoga or Pilates postures– tension will be released from your body. We guarantee you will leave a class feeling calmer, and spiritually more connected with life. Overtime, your body will physically become more toner, and flexible. Something positive happens when you make the time to rest, practice, and listen to the messages of your body, soul, and mind. Our teachers are seasoned and led by one of the United State’s best teachers – teacher, Jimmy Burgio. To learn more about our dedicated teachers please visit our teachers page.

Our team consists of artists, educators, and yogis with a desire to help make your life a more peaceful, balanced and healthy one. Our various backgrounds in education, arts, and being socially aware compliments our desire to build and grow a vibrant yoga community that works for all levels and all ages. We have been open since May of 2013. The media and visitors have recorded our growing steps. Well & Good NYC calls us one of the “Top 15 sizzling studios in NYC.” Our Yelp rating is 5 stars. Our teachers are given high praise on Rate The Burn.

Take the time to come home to yourself. Your body, mind and spirit will show you very quickly what yoga and Pilates can do for you.Be prepared to sweat and leave feeling cleansed, strengthened, motivated and more balanced. We look forward to having you join our community and transform your life and health.

The Essential Yoga Practice Benefits

You may have come to Yoga to increase your flexibility and tone your body but you will gain many more additional benefits by incorporating Yoga or Pilates into your life. You will sleep more deeply then you have in years. In addition you will notice the following changes:

    • yogaPositive Mood
    • Diminished Back Pain
    • Improved Balance
    • More Focus at work
    • Weight Loss
    • More energy
    • Toned body
    • Calm mind and spirit
    • Overall a more peaceful and happy person

For all classes you want to wear loose comfortable clothing or purchase some of the comfortable Yoga clothing on the market. If you are under a Doctor’s care– please get permission before taking any classes. In order to sign up for classes, it is necessary for you to create your profile by clicking here. After doing so you can register for the class you would like to take.

yoga-download-pngWhen you come to our studio for the first time please arrive 30 minutes in advance. Please bring a hard copy of any voucher or coupon that you have. We rent Yoga mats for $3 a class, towels for $1.50 and cold water for $2. We also provide storage for your Yoga mats at $10 a month.

At our 264 Canal Street location we do have dressing rooms and a shower for your use.We do ask that if you wish to use the shower after a class you wait a few minutes to allow the class to empty and those who need to use the bathroom quickly can do so.

Please note we only let students join a class up to 5 minutes from the start time. This allows all students and the teacher to have the fullest experience without undue interruption. Get ready to see what Yoga and Pilates will do for you. Please take a moment to create your profile and make your reservation for a yoga or pilates class.

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